The Snip? No Thanks

If hear one more, get the snip I will not be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth after, I thought a PM parent 2 got last night was the final straw, but no, today I nearly snapped!

I am not religious but am a great believer that things happen for a reason and those reasons are not to be questioned.  When it comes to pregnancy, yes accidents happen, and yes,  as someone kindly told me on discovering this announcement, accidents can be dealt with, that side of things is something I do not believe in, its not something, I personally, would ever do, I have friends who have, and I respect their choices, but for me, don’t ever ever dare even suggest it.

When it comes to men getting the snip, this too is something I do not believe should happen, not until you know 110% you baby days are over and your youngest is of say, school age.
My reasons for this vary but are always the same,  this first one,   some may find hard, but I know of others who agree with me.
Say I am 9/10 weeks now,   Parent 2 bows to others demands and books the snip, has it done within a couple months, and something decides this pregnancy is not meant to be,   yes we will still have 3 beautiful children,  but there will always be that what if’s etc,  esp as we have always said 4 is a good number (for us)
This reason I can go into a lot more, but Ill keep it simple, because there’s a few who I know are demanding we stop now, and I don’t want to cause any more arguments or debates.  Our pregnancy is not a arguement or debate, its our life and our life style you are talking about and I don’t like it one bit, so shut it!!

Some people may not like the fact Parent 2 doesn’t work full time,  potentially see us as scroungers? That I will make very clear we are not!!!  I am slowly stepping into the path of self employment, and Parent 2 is working out something for himself with a friend.  We declare any earnings, we keep things above board, we do not scrounge in anyway.

People seem to think those on benefits live a life of luxury,  that we most certainly do not!  We live within our means, not that this is any one’s business, and I will not go into that at all any more, but DO NOT JUDGE US.

Today in town, I was at a market stall, I was about to make a purchase, when the women asked me if I was breastfeeding, thinking random,  I said no, before I could say why I was unable ,  she started to lecture me,  shocked I told her I was hoping to with the one that’s due,   Oh my word, I might as well as well have told her I had 6 heads and was breeding a purple spotted 15 legged octopus!!!!!!!    Her jaw hit the floor and she looked at me as though I was stupid, asked me what I was thinking, had I never heard of contraception!!!!!  She spoke down to me, in such a way, I had to hold my tongue,  told her she had lost a very good sale, and I stormed off in search of Parent 2 rather pissed off.
How dare she judge me when she doesn’t know me!   Doesn’t know my situation,

In fact how dare any of you judge us for having another, yes they may be close in age, but at least now, as soon as they all hit school age/nursery age, I can start focusing on my career collage, what ever it is I want to do, without having to stop and worry about babies, and things, I can do it all in one, without constant stops and breaks,
Yes this new stowaway was unplanned, but I am happy its there, happy its decided it wants to be, and with this, I can plan my life around it and us and our home and our life.

No Parent 2 will  NOT be getting the snip, when this little one makes its appearance,     I will be getting something stronger, (make that a rum too!) then the depo, but again,  this is no ones business,
I am so happy to be expecting, to have 31 weeks ish notice, Parent 2 is over the moon,  Little Miss, excited,  the other 2 too young to understand,
Yes I will have 3 under 2, and do you know what, I don’t care,  yes It won’t be easy, but I don’t do easy, I love my family and I am telling you now, if one day we announce a 5th, don’t be surprised,   (least you have some warning this time!)  just be happy for us and our Bratlings.

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4 thoughts on “The Snip? No Thanks

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s exciting news. I love a big family. I am one of eight siblings myself. It was awesome growing up with them all. I would do it myself but unfortunately parent 2 won’t let me and since I am American living in the uk I wouldn’t be able to fly home as much to see my own family if I had more. But I always wanted 4/5. Fact is it is none of anyone’s business. People that judge are idiots !!! I am so happy for you and think its fabulous that they are close in age my two are close in age and we have a blast. Yes it’s not always going to be easy but it will give you plenty of writing material afterwards haha and those of us here will support you and can’t wait for it all for you!!

  2. Hahaha…nice write up and I love your style! Was smiling from ear to ear on my way to work as i read it.
    I guess the rest of humanity who aren’t so strong and gifted as you and parent 2 do need to consider the ‘snip’ at some point. The soaring abortion rates and unplanned pregnancies make this a necessity…just so people have it as an option among other contraceptives.

  3. Whew….. that sounded like it really needed to be written! I hope that getting it out there made you feel better. I think it’s wonderful that you’re so clear in your own mind. This is a baby that is very much wanted and will be hugely loved. Lucky thing. Many aren’t… There is no way I could even contemplate raising a family as large as yours nor on the income you manage to make stretch to everything your bratlings could ever need. You’re an inspiration Alice. Bonkers as hell IMHO but an inspiration. Love you x

  4. Quite right. Why anyone thinks they have right to comment in that way I do not know. People should stop and think before they speak. They make assumptions about why you have the number of children you do, or don’t and think that’s ok, without for one moment thinking how hurtful their words may be.

    Be happy, healthy and enjoy the blessings of having a new member of the family on the way. If you can make a rude gesture at these people then all the better

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