Introducing The Bratlings

More apt now maybe than the last one, which turned out to be a lie!! Family Completed?! Who was I kidding?! Ha!!!

So yes now we are onto something, My little darlings forever now to be known as the bratlings!

We live in our bubble, content, wading through life and what it throws at us, dealing with things, not as they hit us, but in our own time,
we may not do things the right way, or the best way, I won’t admit life’s a bed of roses, but its ours and we love it and our family.

We are made up of,

Myself,  AKA Parent 1,  the wife, the mother, the photographer, and writer of this blog

Him, AKA  Parent 2, the husband, the father, the can’t make up my mind kinda guy, and the rock of this family

Little Miss, previously known on blog as the eldest ,  Aged 4, a diva, the boss, with some strange little quirks
born October 2009,
A Daddy’s girl totally, A mini mummy, Devoted to her younger brothers, She knows her own mind, stubborn, determined, likes to get her own way.
She loves nursery, and playing on her scooter in the garden.
She hates being told off, is fussy about her food.
Loves blue, hates blue, likes cheese sandwiches, hates cheese sandwiches,
Wants sauce on her plate, then demands all traces be removed,
Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty on demand at all times,
Whilst her DS is close to hand with her favourite books,
Monkey & Boy her 2 favourite comfort teddies,
Bedtime of 7pm every night, but mornings can vary from 5am to 930am!
She has attitude but love her so much
Has learnt being on Santa’s naughty list isn’t fun, but the nice list is much better


Sproutling, previously known on blog as the middle one,
born July 2012,
A mummy’s boy, Daddy’s brains, loves his older sister,
the younger brother is tolerable, Dopey and silly, daft and cheeky,
has found his feet are made for walking,
Can get cross when annoyed, comes out with a growl,
Loves all kinds of food, nothing is a no, from cheese sandwiches to sisters dirty socks,
Mickey mouse gets a clapping of hands,
A special bunny is his favourite toy,
Bedtime is 630pm, getting up as late as possible is the best.


Surprisling, previously known on blog as the youngest,
Born June 2013, is a grumpy bugger,
Breaks his heart when Parent 1 leaves the room,
dances a dance of Joy when Parent 2 leaves the room,
Is addicted to his blankie,
loves cuddles and lots of them
At 6 months of age discovered food…..



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